Civil Rites

Be Unrestrained By Religious Dogma
Non-Religious Weddings, Funerals & Other Secular Ceremonies

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Marriage Rites

• An Indiana Wedding Officiant.
• Personalized Wedding Ceremonies.
• Weddings Anywhere.
• Weddings Anytime.
• No Premarital Counseling.
• No Restrictions.

Birth Rites, Baptism, Naming Ceremony, Christening

Birth Rites

Birth Rites go by many names – Naming Ceremony, Christening, Baptism and the like. But, Birth Rites all have one thing in common. That commonality is the introduction of a newborn to the community, and the community's acceptance of their newest member.

When you want the recognition that your newborn child deserves, Pastor Platt will provide the Birth Rite to introduce your newborn child to your community of friends and family.

Rites of Passage, Graduations, Major Milestones

Rites of Passage

When it is time to move on, contact Pastor Platt. You have Civil Rites for those major changes in your life that only ritual can satisfy. Pastor Platt will give you a secularized Rite of Passage with the decorum that your inner-self craves.

Last Rites | Setting Sun

Last Rites

A funeral is not essentially about death; the funeral is about life. Pastor Platt can provide a religious-free memorial service that reflects the decorum and respect befitting the personal crisis that everyone must eventually endure.

About Civil Rites

Even though science allows us to move past the practice of religion in our daily lives, we still shares very basic needs. We evolved to embrace certain core impulses that were first expressed as magic by stone-age man. It is a part of our DNA.

Marriage Rites

Secular Weddings for Modern Couples.

Birth Rites

Community Introductions & Naming Ceremonies.

Rites of Passage

Recognize Those Milestones.

Last Rites

Non-religious Memorial Services, or Secular Funerals.

Contact Pastor Platt

Ask Pastor Platt to officiate your secular celebration. Pastor Platt will provide a rite that is tailored to your needs.

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